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First Responders Cup Tournament

Girls Fastpitch Softball

Photo Gallery

Team Photos from Past Tournaments Team Photos from Past Tournaments Pentagon 9/11 Arlington Fire and Police Drape Flag shortly after attack. 63910828 14 U Shamrocks 63910829 16 U Shamrocks 63910830 14 U Vienna Stars 63910831 16 U Arlington Sage 63910832 The Baseliners 63910833 Colonel Laura Richardson First Female Commander of the 3rd Army's Old Guard throws out the first pitch for the 2007 Tournament 63910834 The Hudson Valley Express 63910835 Game Action 63910836 The Ashburn Shooting Stars 63910837 The Vienna Stars 63910838 The Pittsburgh Vipers 63910839 The Pentagon 9/11 Memorial Openning 63910840 The Old Guard led March of Teams 63910841 General Swan Presents Trophies 63910842