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First Responders Cup

Girls Fastpitch Softball

Team Registration Fee

Refund Policy

* 100% Refund if team does not receive an invitation to play.

* 100% Refund if withdrawal is requested within 48 hours of invitation to the tournament from the First Responders Cup Tournament Selection Committee. 

Invitation will be in the form of an email to the team party who filed the registration and made the payment for the registration fee. It is expected that the respective team party or their designee will confirm acceptance of the invitation. It is the responsibility of the team applying to ensure that acceptance or non acceptance is made to the First Responders Cup Tournament Committee within 48 hours of receipt of the tournament invitation. If there is no confirmation, the First Responders Cup Tournament Selection Committee will assume the invitation to play has been duly reviewed and declined by the team. The Selection Committee will then reassign the seed to the next available applicant. Upon identification a replacement team, the registration fee of the team that declined the invitation will be refunded in full.

* Requests for refunds prior to the Tournament will be considered by the First Responders Cup Tournament Committee only with the identification of a replacement team at the same playing level.

Otherwise, consistent with the purpose of the tournament, registration fees will be donated to First Responders Cup Tournament Charities.

Weather Cancellations: If the entire tournament is cancelled due to rain or some other unforeseen event, we will issue you a refund of 75% of your paid entry fee. The other 25% of your paid entry fee will be non-refundable, due to pre-tournament incurred expenses. If your team plays one game, there will be a 50% refund. If your team plays two or more games, there will be no refund. Once a pitch is thrown, this will count as a game.

All fees collected will be utilized to cover costs to sustain the tournament or donated, in the spirit of the tournament, to designated First Responder charities. All charities donated to and the amounts donated will be listed on the First Responders Cup web site. 

Team and Player Insurance

Each team and player participating in the First Responders Cup Tournament bears the responsibility for acquiring the necessary insurance to play in the tournament. Any team not demonstrating that it possesses up to date team insurance for its players will be disallowed from participating in the tournament. The First Responders Cup Tournament Committee does not bear responsibility for team negligence in acquiring such insurance.

Player Age Eligibility

Each Team?s Coach bears the responsibility that each player on their roster is age eligible for the division for which they are playing. The age eligible date is the player's age as of January 1st of the year of the First Responders Cup date of participation.